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Scottish Amicable is launching an investment bond which guarantees original investment back, plus 10 per cent, after five and a half years. Half the money is invested in a fund tracking the FT-SE 100 share index, with the rest in fixed interest stocks. Minimum investment is pounds 5,000. Call 0141 248.2323 for details.

Royal Bank of Scotland is launching a 24-hour offshore telephone banking service linked to its Jersey subsidiary. Interest is paid free of tax, although it must be declared to UK tax authorities. Call 01534 24365 for details.

Fidelity Brokerage is offering a "bed-and-breakfast" share-dealing service aimed at minimising capital gains tax liabilities. The firm says a deal valued at pounds 5,000 would cost a customer pounds 50 in commission. Call 0800 222190 for more information.

Alliance & Leicester is launching a new range of discounted and fixed rate mortgages, including a one-year discount of 4.5 per cent on a 95 per cent loan-to-value rate, bringing the cost down to 2.99 per cent. Two-year discounts of 2.6 per cent are available, bringing the current mortgage down to 4.89 per cent.

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