Manchester bonus for no withdrawals

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MANCHESTER Building Society is offering 0.75 per cent bonus rates on its postal Money by Mail account if no withdrawals are made in the first year. Including the bonus, the account pays 7.3 per cent gross on pounds 1,000 deposits, 7.5 per cent on pounds 10,000, 8 per cent on pounds 25,000 and 8.25 per cent on pounds 50,000.

Scarborough's Keep Safe by Post account pays 8 per cent gross. Account-holders must pay in pounds 15 - pounds 150 a month.

West Bromwich pays a top rate of 8.1 per cent gross (6.07 per cent net) on sums over pounds 50,000, and 7.6 per cent (5.7 per cent net) on pounds 20,000 to pounds 50,000 in the 180-day account. If pounds 25,000 is left in the account, 30 days' notice is needed for withdrawals.

The 34th Issue of National Savings Certificates paying 7.5 per cent tax-free is beginning to mature. Matured certificates earn just 3.75 per cent tax-free. The current 40th issue pays 5.75 per cent after five years, while the 6th issue index-linked pays 3.25 per cent over inflation.

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