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n Confused about ISAs? Chase de Vere has a guide offering clear explanations of what the new individual savings accounts will offer and how they work. For a free copy call 0800 805 806.

n Alliance & Leicester's new regular savings account pays a total interest rate of 7 per cent gross, as long as you only make one withdrawal per year. Savers can put in pounds 20 to pounds 500 per month. Norwich & Peterborough BS has also launched a regular savings account accepting pounds 20 to pounds 1,000 per month. It pays 6.1 per cent gross on up to pounds 1,000 and 6.35 per cent for up to pounds 5,000. These rates include a 3 per cent bonus paid annually if savers don't make more than one withdrawal per year. Call 01733 372222 for more details.

n For pounds 100 Woolwich will assess the condition of your home before you put it on the market. The Premier Move service also includes a legal title check which can be passed on to solicitors once the house is on the market. Subject to status the Woolwich will offer buyers a mortgage on the property, but they have to pay pounds 50 to use the service.

n Direct Line insurance has a free guide called Cracking the Problem of Subsidence, which tells home owners how far from their house a tree has to be before it can be ruled out as a subsidence risk factor. For a copy call 01473 824447.

n The Bank of Scotland's Freeway car purchase deal is being offered to the public for the first time. After an initial deposit and three years of monthly payments the customer can buy the car with a lump sum or give it back. The scheme charges 12.9 per cent APR. Call 0345 697 243 or visit the website:

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