Money Grouse: Cutting up rough with Amex

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BUT MR Frazer-Robinson is disgruntled with American Express. He has cut up his Amex Gold card in protest.

Mr Frazer-Robinson has been an Amex Gold card holder for 15 years. He recently had a temporary cash-flow problem. His wife, who dealt with the bills, had become confused which she had paid because of her illness (see above).

He set about sorting out his Amex account. He owed about pounds 4,000 on his Amex Gold card. Amex came to an agreement - he was to pay pounds 2,000 immediately and two further payments of pounds 1,000.

The payments were made, although not strictly to schedule. But as far as Mr Frazer- Robinson was concerned he had settled with Amex.

But Amex closed his account. He says: 'I had explained about my wife and told them how I had intended to clear the account'.

Mr Frazer-Robinson complained, and Amex agreed to consider re-opening his account.

He says: 'I was then told it would take a couple of weeks as they would need bank details etc. They need not bother. I have cut up the card and I will take my business elsewhere.'

Amex was unable to comment on individual cases. A spokesman said cardholders were given every chance to pay, and accounts would not be cancelled without serious consideration.

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