Money Nous: Fast work at Barclaycard

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CREDIT card issuers are constantly being criticised for their annual fees and rates of interest. But this week Tammy Rothenberg, a student, wants to give a pat on the back to Barclaycard.

Last summer she spent some time in Israel. On the day she was due to fly home to England, a Tuesday, her Barclaycard was stolen. She needed a replacement urgently. She was flying out of London 48 hours later to America.

She telephoned her parents from Israel at 8am on Tuesday morning to ask them to put a stop on the card and try to get a new one. Barclaycard stopped the old card but would not issue a new one as she was slightly overdrawn.

When she arrived home on Tuesday afternoon, she spoke to Barclaycard, which said that if she would clear the outstanding balance on her account, they would see what they could do about a new card.

On Wednesday morning she went to her local branch and paid in the money. The branch rang Barclaycard, which said it did not think it could get the new card to her until 4pm the next day. She was leaving at 2pm. Barclaycard said it would try to meet the deadline.

At midday the new card was delivered by special courier.

Tammy says: 'I was both delighted and impressed.' She wrote to thank Barclaycard.

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