Money: Planning for retirement can be a piece of cake

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Planning for retirement can seem daunting, boring - or both. Boring, because it is traditionally seen as a subject for sad people who are already picturing themselves as old and grey decades before they actually become so.

Fear of the technicalities involved also plays a part. Yet, despite it all, we know that planning makes sense. We are moving towards a painful new world in which we will be forced to take more personal responsibility for our retirement.

Knowing and understanding some of the language reduces the fear, while acting now ensures that you never need to worry about your retirement again. The Independent has produced a free Guide to Pensions Planning, which explains in clear, straightforward language the best options.

The 52-page guide discusses the pros and cons of joining company pensions schemes and gives an indication of what you should be saving to ensure a decent income. It explains the simplest ways to top up a pension and when it might make sense to start a personal pension. Finally, it discusses options for those coming up to retirement.

Copies of the guide are available free by calling 0800 137372, or filling the coupon above.

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