Money Round-up Video: Junior Isas, emergency tax on pensions, multiple address problems and the deal of the week

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This week: Problems of being registered at multiple addresses: emergency tax on pensions: Junior Isas: deal of the week- never be without power for your phone

Millions face problems of being registered at more than one address: missing out on rebates or becoming identity fraud victims

Are you just registered at one address? New research published today calculates that 11 million UK adults are registered at multiple addresses, with one in seven actually registered at more than three addresses.

That causes financial problems, reckons Direct Line. It terms such folk ‘identity doppelgangers’ and warns they missing out on vital communications, costing them around £523m through fines, missed rebates and lost gifts. Its research also suggests that a million people have been victim to fraud or crime due to not keeping address details up to date.

Katie Lomas, head of Direct Line home insurance, said: “It’s alarming that such a significant number of people are not updating their registered home address. But this issue is simple to fix,” says Ms Lomax. “People just need to run through the list of organisations that might need to contact them and send them updated address details.


Emergency tax on pensions - cash in your retirement savings and you could be hit with emergency tax

Cash in your pension and you’re likely to be hit with emergency tax. Adrian Walker, pension expert at Old Mutual Wealth, warns: "Individuals taking a one-off pension income withdrawal from April will be placed on an emergency tax code – unless they have a p45 – and may end up with an unexpected tax bill as a result," he says. "But one way of avoiding emergency taxation issues is to withdraw money using small pots payments."

Most major pension firms are working to the same rules. One senior pensions official told The Independent: "We have to make this charge to anyone who draws pension cash from us for the first time. But it is only likely to hit what we call 'front-loaders', those who want to take all their pension cash at once."

However, those who choose to spread withdrawals over a few months are unlikely to be hit with the same tax bill.

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Junior Isas - now you can transfer kids' savings out of Child Trust Funds

Parents and grandparents can now transfer childrens’ savings from a poor-performing Child Trust Fund to a Junior Isa. "Parents should review whether they have the right investment strategy with their child's money," suggests Danny Cox of Hargreaves Lansdown.

The maximum that can be invested in a Junior Isa and Child Trust Fund has climbed to £4,080 in the new tax year. The allowance must be used by 5 April 2016.

For more about the tax changes that affect you in the 2015-16 tax year, here

Deal of the week: EE Power Bar

EE is to hand out free, portable smartphone chargers. And if your EE Power Bar has been used to charge a device and has no power left when you need it, you can swap it for a fully charged replacement at any EE store nationwide, for free, and on an unlimited basis.

In theory, at least, it means that as long as you're close to a store during opening hours, you never need be without power for your phone or tablet again.

The free-to-hire Power Bar is being offered to all active customers on mobile and broadband plans in the next few weeks.

To get it, mobile customers must text POWER to 365.

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