Money: Those unlucky numbers just won't come up

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It was another bad week for unlucky numbers last Saturday. The most common winning number to date, 5, came up again, its fourteenth appearance in the frame plus four bonuses, and 28 came up for the second week running, this time as the bonus ball, making 12 wins and five bonus appearances, while 30 won again to push into third place with 13 wins and two bonuses to its credit.

None of the low scoring balls made any progress last week, with 39 stuck on just two wins, and 13 on just four wins, followed by 20 and 36 with just five winning appearances. None of the longest losing sequences was broken, either, with 27 last winning 21 weeks ago now, followed by 1, 46, 20, 8 and 10.

My own regular punt, on 1, 3, 6, 13, 34, and 46, has yielded just two bonus balls and no outright winners at all in the last nine weeks, and must now be long overdue to produce me at least one winning number.

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