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Choosing a mortgage
Your first foot on a sky-high ladder
Young professionals can often trade on their future earning power when looking for that first mortgage
Your mortgage will probably be your biggest financial commitment, so choose carefully
First-time lucky as new doors open for buyers
How to negotiate the mortgage maze
The rewards of shopping for a mortgage are better than ever
Shopping around is crucial if you want the best deals on your mortgage and savings.
Mortgage war is good news for borrowers
How to negotiate the mortgage maze

Buying to let
Rising property values mean letting out can boost pension provision
Boost your income with a property-to-let
Jittery investors may opt to buy to let. Beware of pitfalls
Buying property to let has become an attractive alternative to the stock market for private investors
How to stop the tenants from trashing your investment

Buying options
If house prices are too high, perhaps it's time to buy with someone you know
Househunting online can be even more wearing than traipsing the high street
Estate agents: the awful truth
An early mortgage may help students make the most of limited funds
Join the village people when you buy a second home
The true cost of living in managed apartments

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