Obtain your holiday cash by telephone

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NATIONWIDE Building Society has launched a travel money service available by telephone which charges customers 1.5 per cent commission, with a pounds 3 minimum, for foreign currency and traveller's cheques.

The society charges an additional pounds 3.50 handling fee for the service, which allows clients to place an order by telephone and receive the money at home by registered post within two working days.

National & Provincial's commission charge on both foreign currency and traveller's cheques is half Nationwide's. There is an additional pounds 2 handling charge, or pounds 3 if the money is sent to the client's home.

Halifax charges 1 per cent commission, with a minimum of pounds 3, plus a handling fee of pounds 2 for next day delivery to one of its branches.

The Leeds charges 1 per cent for both traveller's cheques and cash with a minimum of pounds 1.25, plus pounds 2 handling per order. This service is only for Leeds customers.

Abbey National has a commission of 1.5 per cent, plus a handling fee of pounds 2, for American Express traveller's cheques, though not for foreign currency.

Anyone ordering more than pounds 350 of currency receives a free travel iron.

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