Government's Pension Wise guidance service is up and running

People can now book an appointment to receive some face-to-face advice

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The Government's pensions guidance service is up and running. That's crucial as the new freedoms that allow you to do what you like with your retirement savings are just over a week away.

The Chancellor announced during a Treasury Select Committee session this week that the phone lines for the official Pension Wise service are taking calls. "People can now book their appointments to have a conversation about what they might want to do with their pension," George Osborne said.

It's an important conversation. The opportunity to cash in a pension has been given to all those aged 55 and over, and, while it's a tempting offer, anyone rushing to do so could regret that decision. Why? Because we are all living longer and if we want to enjoy the golden years, then we'll need plenty of cash.

If you're affected, you can book an appointment to use the Government's Pension Wise guidance service and receive some face-to-face advice. Call 030 0330 1001 to make an appointment, but expect to wait two weeks or more as demand will be heavy.

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