Simon Read: Our pension freedom is too important to rush a decision

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Your questions are still coming in for the pensions minister Steve Webb, for which I thank you. What's clear from most of them is that there are a lot of confused and concerned people out there.

That's no surprise when you bear in mind that making the wrong decision about your retirement cash could leave you counting the cost for the rest of your life.

One correspondent asks about the radical pension reforms that were announced in the last Budget and will come into force in April: "I would like to know the reasons for the rush? It puts us under an enormous pressure and that is not helpful for making the right decision."

I will put that question to the minister but the answer seems obvious: it's a political imperative. With a general election in May, there are a lot of older people who might be feeling good about being given early access to their retirement pot.

Another reader asks: "When will the insurers have the system support to enable all this to happen and – more importantly – can we trust them?"

I'm looking forward to Mr Webb's response on that, but in the meantime please keep questions coming.

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