Pioneering dental insurer falls to PPP

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PPP, the second largest medical fees insurer, has bought Denplan, the pioneering dental insurance company founded in 1986 by two dentists.

It has 400,000 registered patients who pay a subscription mostly between pounds 5 and pounds 15 a month to their dentist.

There are five levels of payments. Patients are assessed at a pre-registration check-up.

The cover also includes insurance for up to pounds 300 for emergency treatment anywhere in the world and pounds 50 cash for every night spent in hospital due to dental treatment.

WAP, the third largest insurer, launched a plan, Providental, last month. It involves paying pounds 5.75 a month for cover, but it will not pay for treatment of existing problems. The plan then pays pounds 10 towards an annual check-up and pounds 18 for any basic treatment.

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