Power deals on the cheap

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Yorkshare, the share-dealing subsidiary of the Yorkshire Building Society, is offering two free postal deals for those wishing to sell their National Power and PowerGen shares.

The free offer is available until 28 April. Only those who register for the share offer with the society are eligible. After 28 April, postal dealing will be £5 per deal.

Anyone who wishes to deal through the Yorkshire Building Society via the telephone will pay dealing costs of 0.75 per cent for deals up to £4,800, and 0.1 per cent of amounts exceeding that, subject to a £9 minimum charge.

For those who want to sell less than £500-worth of shares, it is cheapest to choose those brokers that offer the lowest minimum charges.

Assets International, based in Tadworth, Surrey, is offering one of the lowest rates, with a £5 minimum charge and a 1 per cent charge on amounts exceeding £500.

Another cheap deal is being offered by Broker Financial Services in Aylesbury.

It will sell and buy shares after the offer period for a flat rate of £10 per family.

For those who wish to deal in amounts of more than £500, cheap deals are available from City Deal Services, based in Romford, which is offering a flat rate of £7.50 on all trades up to £10,000. CJL Probate and Financial Services is also offering a fixed charge of £7.50 per person.

ShareLink's minimum charge is £7.50, with a 1 per cent commission charge. Many of the leading high street names, such as Barclays and Lloyds, have yet to announce their commission terms. National Westminster has a £10 minimum charge on deals and a 1.5 per cent commission rate.

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