Practising what you preach

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TEN years ago Brian Walters, a financial adviser, was trying to convince clients to take out savings plans before the Budget while tax relief was still available. He took his own advice and started a 10-year with-profits endowment scheme.

Later this week Mr Walters will receive pounds 4,200, the proceeds of his pounds 17 a month savings plan with Norwich Union. He said: 'It has proved to be a very good investment for me.'

Norwich Union said the 2,700 payouts in March were three times the normal amount for the month.

Another satisfied investor is Maureen Cushing, a science teacher in Essex, whose savings have grown to pounds 17,400 in the past 10 years.

Mrs Cushing, aged 56, put pounds 765 a year net in a maximum investment plan from Pearl. The gross annual investment was pounds 900.

She has now decided to reinvest the money with Pearl, half remaining in the unit- linked fund and the rest going into the company's more adventurous managed fund.

However, Mrs Cushing has no plans to continue setting aside more money because her husband Marcus, aged 60, has now taken enforced retirement.

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