Rate discount at Stroud

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STROUD & SWINDON Building Society is giving a 12-month 2.5 per cent discount on its 7.99 per cent variable rate, bringing it down to 5.49 per cent at the moment.

Cheltenham & Gloucester is withdrawing its five-year 7.75 per cent fixed mortgage at the close of business today. Bradford & Bingley has just launched its five- year rate, fixed at 7.99 per cent for 85 per cent mortgages or 8.25 per cent for mortgages up to 95 per cent. There is an arrangement fee of pounds 250.

Legal & General is offering a cap-and-collar mortgage, capped at 9.99 per cent and collared at 5.99 per cent for the next three years. The current variable rate is 7.99 per cent but this can be discounted by 1 per cent for the next year. The arrangement fee is pounds 225.

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