RBS/NatWest meltdown: Should I be concerned about my cash?

Video: Simon Read explains what you need to know if you've been affected

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RBS has had to inform customers that up to 600,000 overnight payments may be 'missing' from bank accounts at NatWest, Coutts and Ulster Bank due to a technical glitch.

RBS said that while the issue "resulted in a delay to payments and Direct Debits being applied to some customer accounts", the problem had been resolved and payments would be up to date and paid by Saturday.

Still, a number of customers were still worried about the glitch, as some individuals had bills to pay before Saturday and were also worried about any charges for going in to the red while they awaited completed transactions.

With many still confused and concerned about what the technical glitch might mean for them, The Independent's Simon Read has provided a handy little explainer to help calm your nerves.

Click on the video above to get some advice.

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