Bargain Hunter: It's time to strike a light for bargain eco bulbs


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If a million households switched to eco-friendly, money-saving LED light bulbs this winter, they could collectively save more than £8bn on electricity bills and 5m tonnes of CO2. That's the message of the 'Savvy Switch' campaign launched by online LED retailer this week.

But Independent readers keen to try the eco bulbs can do so at a bargain price through this week's exclusive deal. The specialist retailer is offering readers 25 per cent off all spots and bulbs until the end of October. To get the discount go to and enter the code hunt25 at the checkout.

£2.50 broadband offer is only a good deal for some

TalkTalk has launched a broadband deal at just £2.50 a month, four times cheaper than BT's standard deal, according to the company. It claims: "When compared over an 18-month period, TalkTalk's SimplyBroadband is £225 cheaper than the BT equivalent." However, the deal does not include rental – which is £15.40 a month – or any telephone calls.

The company is aiming the deal at those that rely on their mobile for calls, but if you do use your home phone you could lose out, as Adam Kirby at explains. "Those who make more than the odd call from their landline may do better choosing a plan with inclusive free minutes to give them peace of mind," he says. "Adding anytime calls to TalkTalk's deal – at £5.50 a month – will take monthly bills to £8, meaning some other deals will be cheaper over the first year."

Cut-price Mediterranean cruise next month

Six Star cruises has cut £2,000 off the cost of 10 nights sailing round the Mediterranean from 19 October. Prices – including flights from London – have been cut to £1,799 per person from £3,740. Resorts visited include Florence, Sorrento and Dubrovnik. Call 0800 980 4708 or go to

Clean up with up to half-price bargains at Asda

Asda has offers on cleaning products until 8 October. Deals include Cillit Bang Spray down from £3.50 to £2, while Flash Cleaning Wipes are reduced from £3 to £1.50.

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