Book early to make the most of Will Aid

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Britons are being urged to get a move on if they want to make the most of this year's Will Aid month when solicitors offer to write cut-price wills in return for a donation to charity.

Will Aid month will run during November with hundreds of solicitors offering their services. However, appointments which can be booked via, can fill up very quickly. "What you tend to find is that in the big towns and cities many appointments are gone before the start of the Will Aid month. So it's essential if you want a lower-cost will drawn up by a professional to book an appointment now," said Shirley Marsland, the campaigns manager at Will Aid.

A standard will for an individual can cost upwards of £200, but under Will Aid, suggested donations start at £40 for a change to an existing will, called a codicil, £85 for a single will and £125 for a mirror will (for a couple).

"These donations are just a minimum so people can give more to charity if they wish," said Ms Marsland. "Generally, though, people think it's worthwhile getting the advice of a solicitor before finalising their will arrangements as they can suggest things that they may not have initially thought of."

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