BT Caller Display ... the saga goes on, and on

Reader Peter Cammidge arranged for the charge to be refunded but he was instead 'upgraded' to Advanced Caller Display at £3.70 a month

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Reader Peter Cammidge writes in with his own tale of woe about the long-running problems with BT's caller display charges.

To remind you, customers of the company who have a 12-month contract can get Caller Display free, but only if they sign up for a 12-month offer. If they don't sign up for it, they're charged. Peter upgraded his father-in-law's account to add Broadband Basic last December, checking with BT that his Caller Display would continue. When BT charged for it, he contacted the company and arranged for the charge to be refunded.

"I have now discovered, six months later, that my call resulted in Caller Display being 'upgraded' to Advanced Caller Display at £3.70 a month!" he says. After a 20-minute call centre chat, he hopes the charges will be refunded – but won't know until October.

"They have given me free Call Display for 12 months but I will have to renew the arrangement next year," he reports. But he says he laughed out loud when BT told him, "we do not have the technology to maintain free caller ID for longer than 12 months". Really, BT?

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