Card wars

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Barclaycard, American Express and the TSB this week launched new credit cards offering different benefits to their users.

The American Express credit card, the first to be launched by the company in Europe, offers tiered rates of interest based on the amount spent.

Cardholders spending £1,000 or more in one year will pay 16.7 per cent APR. Those spending less than that will pay 20.9 per cent APR.

Barclaycard launched two cards, a Gold one for high spenders, with a minimum credit limit of £2,500, plus a separate Sense card which is aimed at more cautious customers needing a maximum credit limit of £500.

Interest rates on the Gold card, which will be available to existing customers by invitation only, will be 20.9 per cent APR. The Sense card charges 21.6 per cent APR.

The TSB card, which is aimed at the same market as the Sense card, has a three-tiered interest rate structure.

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