Co-operative Energy looks to future with User Chooser


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How would you like to be able to decide what energy source and even the precise generator that the energy you use in your home comes from? It may sound futuristic and fanciful but independent supplier Co-operative Energy is making it a reality.

The company says its User Chooser deal launched today is designed to give customers the power to choose.

“You can now decide to have your electricity bought from your local school’s solar project, a community wind farm or even a large-scale hydro scheme in Scotland,” explained Ramsay Dunning, group general manager. “If choosing clean power over dirty power is important to you, now you can decide for yourself.”

The mutual company currently has power purchase agreements with around 30 generators, 15 of which are owned by the community. It sources energy from a range of different types of renewable generators, including community-owned wind farms at Harlock Hill in Cumbria, Westmill in Oxfordshire and Great Dunkilns in the Forest Of Dean, Gloucestershire.

“We need to accelerate the development of a clean energy future which is why we’ve pledged to buy electricity from low carbon sources such as renewable energy,” said Mr Dunning. “ “Taking this initiative isn’t the panacea but it is another step in the right direction and it will help our customers make an informed choice about where we buy our electricity from and how it is generated.”

The User Chooser scheme is available through Co-operative Energy’s new energy hub at

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