Crunch in numbers

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33 - Percentage rise in the price of eggs since August 2007

9 - Percentage fall in British house prices since their peak last year

15 - Percentage rise in bookings at Butlins in Skegness

1974 - The last year that consumer confidence was this low

150,000,000,000,000 - The approximate size of the global securities market (in dollars)

36 - Percentage rise in plastic lunch box sales at Sainsbury's

42M - The approximate pay-off (in dollars) given to former Citigroup boss Charles 'Chuck' Prince

1 billion- The amount (in pounds) withdrawn from Northern Rock on 14 September 2007

19,200 - Estimated number of City job losses this year and next

9,152 - Number of house repossessions in first half of the year

70 - Percentage decline in new mortgages approved since 2007

9.94M - Loss (in pounds) made by organic supermarket Whole Foods in its first year of trading in the UK

19,200 - Estimated number of City job losses this year and next

2,735 - Mentions of the word "recession" in British newspapers during the last month

93.6 - Percentage decline in the value of Bradford & Bingley shares, peak to trough

9,000 billion - Equity withdrawn (in dollars) by Americans from the value of their homes, 1997-2007

1 - Number of British bank bosses to have lost their jobs because of the credit crunch

38 - Percentage rise in sales of camping equipment

30 - Percentage jump in profits for Aldi

25 - Percentage rise in tent salesover the last year, according to outdoor specialists Tiso

2,000,000 - More McDonalds meals a month being sold in the UK compared with last year

600 - Number of Starbucks branches set to close in America this year

4.5 - Fall in food sales for upmarket food retailer Marks & Spencer

13,500 - Loss in value of the average British home

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