Driver had to risk his life to pay £20 extra charge for RAC recovery vehicle


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A reader sent in a tale of horror featuring the RAC. After forking out for breakdown cover, this chap set off from Eastbourne to Cornwall on holiday, and unfortunately had an accident en route. The police moved his car to the hard shoulder and the family to a safer point behind the crash barrier.

The reader called the RAC but was told the "onward journey" part of his policy extended only to 150 miles. With the family's destination 172 miles away, there would be an extra £20 charge.

Fair enough, but the driver had left his wallet in his car, now stranded precariously on the hard shoulder of the M5. Could the RAC send a recovery vehicle now and get paid later? Apparently not – much to the police officer's horror the driver had to risk his life to get his credit card from his car, all for the sake of £20.

Two weeks after a letter of complaint was fired off the RAC has still to respond. Call that customer service?

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