Emma Lunn: In my experience, most energy firms are as bad as one other


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Labour's pledge to ban rogue energy firms came in the same week in which yet another energy giant was lambasted by Ofgem.

The regulator has forced EDF, one of the "big six", to pay out £3m for breaching complaint-handling rules. It found that EDF's customers faced long waits when contacting the call centre and that complaints weren't recorded properly.

The energy provider is the latest to feel Ofgem's wrath. But instead of a fine or paying money directly to affected customers, it's being forced to donate £3m to the Citizens Advice Bureau's debt helpline.

In my experience, most energy firms are as bad as one other. Having switched suppliers several times, I could point to flaws in all of them. For example, First Utility overcharged me and never seemed to answer the phone (I gave up trying). Next up was Sainsbury's Energy, which I've just left with my account apparently £193 in credit. When will I get it back? Who knows? I'm with the small supplier Ovo now; will it be any better?

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