Five Questions About: Direct debits


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These are just a way to pay bills, aren't they?

Yes. You can set up direct debits to allow firms, such as phone companies and energy suppliers, to collect the money you owe them automatically from your account.

So what's new?

There's a new Android phone app from BACS, the organisation behind direct debits, which allows you to control and organise all your payments on one screen.

How will that help me?

You'll be able to list all your direct debits together with payment dates, amounts and details of what they're for. You'll be able to see when payments fall due and ensure that they won't put you into the red. You can also set up payment reminders and alerts. The aim is simply to give you greater control over the cash going in and out of your account. Of course, it may also help you spot any rogue or old direct debits you've forgotten about and need to cancel and show how much you're paying out on regular bills.

Will it allow me to change direct debits?

No. Because of security reasons the app does not allow users to amend or cancel direct debits. For that you'll need to go to your online account or talk to your bank.

How do I get the app?

You can download it free from the Play Store.

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