Five Questions About: Identity fraud


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Are the online crooks active again?

They're always active with their dodgy emails and texts designed to harvest your personal details.

That sounds a bit scary. What can they do with the information?

Once they have your account details and passwords or PINS they can empty your bank account, run up debts and generally make your life a financial misery.

But my bank will just replace any money stolen, won't it?

You'd hope so. But if it suspects you may have been a party to the fraud by not being careful enough with your details, they can refuse to pay out.

How could I possibly be party to a fraud?

If you hand over personal details to a crook, you're effectively opening up your bank account to them. You could do this if you fall for a scam email that encourages you to go to a dodgy but convincing website and input your personal details.

I see. So what should I do about it?

Be careful. Do not click on links from emails that appear to be from your bank asking for personal details.

Have a look at the new website for more advice on how to spot and report an identity fraud attack.

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