Five Questions About: Savings rates


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Savings rates are rubbish at the moment, aren't they?

Yes. But Nationwide's new service tells you when your account is going to change. Its Savings Watch will email or text you to let you know if an introductory bonus is ending, leaving the once market-leading rate worse than useless.

That sounds a good idea. So will it tell me where I can find a better rate?

No, only alternative accounts with the Nationwide or new launches or deals from the building society.

Should it be doing this already?

All savings institutions should, but the Nationwide is the first. Hopefully others will follow.

Are there other ways to track savings accounts?

There are two online sites that offer a similar service but which look at accounts across the market. The Rate Tracker offered by is a free site, while Savings Watch on the site is free for 30 days (then it charges £8 a monthfor a range of services).

Are they worth signing up for?

They both offer an easy way to keep track of how well your savings account is doing, so yes. However, whether MoneyVista is worth subscribing to after a month will depend on how much use you get from the other financial planning aids offered.

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