Five Questions About: Spending Easter abroad


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Where's the cheapest place to get cash?

You can find the cheapest place for cash at online comparison sites, such as MoneySupermarket's Travel Money channel. Many bureaux, such as the Post Office, offer 0 per cent commission and free, next-day home delivery of cash, providing you order a minimum amount – £500 for example.

What if I haven't been organised about getting my currency?

You'll have to pay over the odds for it at an airport foreign exchange bureau, such as Thomas Cook or Travelex. Minimise the blow by ordering online the day before and save around 10 per cent.

Can I use my debit card when I get there?

You can use your debit card at your destination both over the counter and at a local ATM – but most banks and building societies charge fees.

What is the best credit card to use?

Halifax Clarity, Santander Zero (for existing customers only) and Sainsbury's Gold (though a monthly fee of £5 may apply) are the only ones that don't charge loading or withdrawal fees anywhere in the world.

The Post Office and Saga Platinum cards along with Nationwide's Select credit card (for FlexAccount holders only) won't charge for over-the-counter spending abroad, but will if you want to withdraw cash.

What about prepaid cards?

Prepaid cards allow you to load up currency in advance, enabling you to set a budget for your holiday. The FairFX prepaid card is cheapest as there are no loading charges or fees for spending abroad. It can be topped up for free by debit card or bank transfer.

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