Five Questions About: switching Broadband


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It's too difficult to switch broadband provider, isn't it?

It's certainly not easy at the moment but that's all set to change under new regulations published by telecoms watchdog Ofcom.

What's changed?

The key change is about contract length. At present you have to sign up to a year's contract. Under the new proposals, that will be slashed to just a month.

So no more having to live with slow speeds and intermittent connection?

That's right. If you're fed up with the company you have a broadband contract with, you'll be able to leave after a month.

What about the cost?

The fee that providers pay when customers decide to switch will fall by up to 80 per cent under the plans, from £50 to between £10 to £15.

So will that mean cheaper broadband?

Sadly no. BT's Openreach service rents out lines to rival providers and Ofgem stopped short of making BT cut its wholesale fees. The net result of the changes are more likely to mean higher prices for shorter-term deals while traditional, longer-term contracts could remain at existing levels. In other words, it looks like we'll have to pay for the extra flexibility!

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