Kate Hughes: Having older relatives move in may hit ordinary families

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Apparently, 63 per cent of us believe the solution to an ageing population and an increasingly short housing supply is for older relatives to move into the family home.

But only 16 per cent of families' current living arrangements would suit this situation. So they'd either have to buy big houses or make them bigger, according to Barclays.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of strong multigenerational relationships, but this research alarms me.

What would the effect of such a living trend be on the housing stock? On the property market? On those who aren't in such lucky circumstances to have their family anywhere near them, who are just looking for a 3-bedroom semi for them and the kids?

I'm no estate agent, but what I do know is that if this trend comes to pass a growing gap between small 'normal' homes and 8-bedroom mansions could have some fairly severe effects on the availability and therefore the affordability of homes for mere mortals.

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