Kate Hughes: My bonds quest is all about the past

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I was of course delighted to hear that a lucky sod in West Sussex has bagged a cool million through his £21,600 worth of Premium Bonds.

But what about the dying breed whose handful came from grandparents whose aching generosity affords their beloved descendents an antiquated bit of yellowing paper?

I have an emotional attachment to mine. It represents the enormous sacrifices made for me by amazing people now long since lost. So I requested the total holdings for all the jackpot winners for the last five years to see if the alienated little people like me stand a chance against the £30,000 accounts.

The vast majority of winners are indeed loaded – three in the last five years held £575 or less. Yet, against my better judgment and despite eroding prize funds, I probably won't give up on my £5 worth bid despite never winning a thing. Madly, I may even top it up a bit. Nan would be pleased.

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