Less pain in Spain for drivers

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While fuel prices in the UK continue to rise, research shows they are far from the highest in Europe. Germany, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium and Norway all charge considerably more for unleaded petrol. For those planning a motoring holiday on the Continent, the best bargains are in Switzerland and Spain.

In Switzerland, unleaded fuel costs less than £1 a litre, a survey by Post Office Travel Services found.

Despite the decline of the pound against the euro, the research showed that Spain offered the best value for diesel and hire-car drivers. It is also the cheapest destination in the eurozone for unleaded petrol, at £1 a litre. Prices are around 30 per cent lower than in either Belgium or the Netherlands, popular – up till now – with UK tourists on motoring holidays.

Helen Warburton, head of travel at the Post Office, said British holidaymakers driving in Europe could cut their costs by checking rates of exchange and purchasing commission-free currency: "For those paying with plastic, it's more cost-effective to use a [credit or debit] card with 0 per cent commission or to load up a pre-paid card with cash before leaving home."

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