Life really does begin at 40

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Your forties are your wealthiest years, according to a study by More Than. The insurance firm found the average fortysomething has a horde of personal possessions at home worth £40,919.

But they also underestimate their true worth, the report found, with most 40-year-olds estimating their possessions at just £28,917.

Elsewhere, commitment-free 28-year-olds have the highest "lifesworth" values, More Than reports. Most people in their late twenties are without serious family ties or commitments, so with possessions worth an average of £33,166, they are free to spend their cash on indulgent items such as clothes and the latest gadgets.

The report also shows the extent to which major life events, such as moving in with partners or having kids, affect the total value of home contents. Cohabiting with a partner will on average add an extra 65 per cent to home content values, while having a child will add £2,000.

More Than product director Dowshan Humzah said: "The magic lifesworth age falls within the fifth decade. It adds weight to the old adage that 'life begins at 40'."

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