Long-haul destinations better value for money than eurozone

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Holidaymakers face a steep rise in the cost of trips to countries in the eurozone this summer, as they suffer the consequences of the plummeting pound. However, holidays elsewhere in Europe and in the US should offer better value for money, according to a study by the Post Office.

The destinations that worked out cheapest overall were Thailand, South Africa and Egypt. The cost of 10 holiday commodities compared by researchers, which included drinks and meals out, added up to £28.58 in Thailand, a little under a third of the cost of the same items in Australia and well under half the average price for the same goods in the eurozone. Bulgaria emerged as the cheapest European destination in the study.

America was rated most expensive when the same research was carried out last year, but it is now the seventh cheapest of the 16 destinations surveyed. A bottle of Coca-Cola bought in a bar costs just £1.60 in Florida, compared with £2.94 in France.

Helen Warburton, head of travel at the Post Office, said people planning long-haul trips would get better value for money. "The pound is still strong against the US dollar and the new Open Skies agreement introduced by the airlines this month should mean cheaper flights in the future."

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