Personal Finance: Cashpoints - Savers get a chance to beat falling rates

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Frizzell Bank is offering savers the chance to beat interest rate falls by fixing savings rates for up to five years. Balances of pounds 2,500 or more will attract 7.25 per cent interest for five years. If you want a shorter fix, you'll get more interest. A three-year fix attracts 7.40 per cent gross. Savers cannot withdraw cash during the fixed-rate term. For more details, call 0800 373191.

Morgan Stanley, the giant US investment bank, has launched its first PEP. The bank sells American-style "no load" funds which have no initial charge or bid-offer spread. Current offers include a Global Equity Fund, a Continental Equity Fund, and a UK Growth & Income Fund. For more details call 0800 0961 962.

Co-operative Insurance Society is offering a pounds 25 discount to new customers who switch their household insurance to CIS from their mortgage lender. There are also discounts of up to pounds 50 for existing customers. CIS has cut its insurance rates by an average of 10 per cent across the board. For a quote call 0800 868500.

The Royal Bank of Scotland has entered the cut-price credit card wars with a 7.9 per cent introductory rate on its new MasterCard. The cut rate runs for six months. The standard rate will then be 17.9 per cent - cheaper than other high-street credit cards. There is no annual fee. Call 0800 161616.

Adrian Flux Insurance is the latest motor insurer to offer lower rates for young drivers who have passed the "Passplus" certificate. This covers night driving and motorway driving. The extra lessons generally cost about pounds 100. The company quotes savings of pounds 200 a year for young drivers who have passed the certificate. Call 01553 777888 for details, or visit the website at

Nationwide has launched a new mortgage range, offering competitive discounted and fixed-rate deals without redemption penalties. This means you can move to another fixed or discounted-rate deal as soon as the special- offer period ends. Nationwide has a three-year fix of 6.55 per cent - with no requirement to take out home insurance and no reservation fee - or a two-year discount of 1.55 per cent off standard rates, again with no "stings".

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