Personal Finance: Loose Change

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SCOTTISH LIFE is launching a new series of its 5.5-year Income Bonus Bonds, offering a choice of two investment options: stockmarket- linked growth with capital protection, or 9 per cent income. The growth option will give up to 150 per cent of the growth of the FTSE 100 share index in the UK and the Swiss SMI index. The income option guarantees that the total returned to savers will not be less than the net investment less income. Call IFA Promotion on 0117-971 1177 for a list of independent advisers.

WHITECHURCH SECURITIES, an independent financial advice firm, is offering a free guide, Defending Your Income, which discusses the best way to invest for income. Write to 14 Gloucester Road, Bristol, BS7 8AE. Or call 0800 374413.

CAPEL-CURE Sharp, investment managers, is launching an automatically updated online portfolio valuation service for its clients. The service means that investors can use the Internet to track the value of their portfolios. The service will be available 7am to 7pm, seven days a week. Call 0171-488400.

UNDER THE Sun, a travel insurance company, is launching a new range of travel policies which claim to be among the cheapest in the market. A family of four travelling to Spain for between 10 and 16 days would pay pounds 31.11, assuming no adult is over 50 and no child is over 18. An annual policy for travel in Europe would cost pounds 83.91, or pounds 139.85 worldwide.

INDEPENDENT MORTGAGE Collection, home loan brokers, is offering a combined discount/cashback mortgage which has a three-year discount of 2 per cent on the existing variable rate of 8.2 per cent. There are also two cashbacks, one of pounds 520 at completion and another of pounds 1,000 in December 1999. Borrowers will be offered six months' free unemployment insurance. Available on a loan-to-value of up to 95 per cent. Call 0800 7310137.

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