Simon Read: It's you who set the agenda for what appears in this paper

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A big thank you to all of you, especially those who have taken the trouble to write in or contact me through social media in recent times. This week you helped me win a national journalism award.

How? Talking to readers and hearing your stories and concerns helps me decide what aspect of personal finance we should cover in the paper.

It's because of listening to you that I've written so much lately about the troubles caused by Erudio Student Loans, for instance, or the ongoing scandal of overseas pensioners being denied annual increases in their state pension just because they live in the wrong country.

For such work as my ongoing campaign to curb rogue payday lenders and fight fuel poverty I was named Consumer Money Journalist of the Year on Wednesday. However, it was your support that led to the accolade.

Judges said: "His way of doing things is to put people at the heart of his stories," and: "he tackles real-life situations and when you're talking about consumer money that's important."

Rest assured that I will continue to fight your corner when it comes to taking on unfairness in finance. But my plea to you is to keep your essential emails and letters coming in. Thanks again!

Twitter: @simonnread

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