Simon Read: NatWest and RBS need to get on top of this so-called 'computer glitch'


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Banks make mistakes all the time. But not normally ones that affect all their customers, plus the customers of rival outfits.

The so-called computer ‘glitch’ that has meant payments not being recorded on accounts of NatWest and RBS customers is much more than that.

It’s proven to be a major problem for millions. The bank claims to be “working hard” to resolve the issue but judging by the slow drip-feed of information it is releasing, it’s not really on top of the situation.

This morning – three days after the problem began on Tuesday night – it promised to provide regular updates throughout the day.

There was just one – at 1pm – and we still have no clear idea of what the problem is or when it will be resolved.

You can forgive organisations for making a mistake. But it’s how they then deal with the mess they’ve made that you judge them upon.

RBS has clearly failed to deal with the problem and failed to provide concerned and distraught customers with the information they deserve.

When it came to the crunch the bank – which is 80 per cent owned by the taxpayer, let’s remind ourselves - has been found wanting. And that’s unforgivable.

The bank has promised to recompense people who have been charged fees or extra interest as a result of the mess. It should also compensate those that have been left temporarily destitute as a result of its carelessness.

We should all review our banking arrangements regularly. Customers of NatWest and RBS should do so as a matter of urgency.

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