Simon Read: Polymer bank notes could prove to be plastic fantastic

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I'm no fan of change for change's sake, but the proposed introduction of plastic bank notes to Britain by 2016 is a change I'm looking forward to for two main reasons.

The first is the absolute filth that I'm often forced to shove in my pockets in the form of screwed-up dirty bank notes. I dread to think where they've been - or what's been done with them - and try to pass them on as soon as possible.

The second reason is the frustration caused by slightly torn or damaged notes not being accepted by machines. In Marks the other day I tried four different tenners before resorting to plastic to pay for lunch.

Interestingly, when similar notes were launched in Canada the central bank was forced to deny that they had been scented after many Canadians claimed they detected "a hint of maple" when smelling the bills. That led me to speculate what new British bank notes could be scented with. After much thought I think I'd favour the pleasing aroma of a Sunday roast!

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