Simon Read: We are worrying far too much about money

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New research from mental health charity Mind and Moneysupermarket suggests that 16 million people find finances the most stressful aspect of their lives.

No surprises there, you might think. But the news about Antony Breeze who took his own life after running up £1,600 debt with payday lenders, puts the statistic into context.

Money worries can very quickly spiral out of control with disastrous consequences, which is why it is vital to confront them rather than let them overpower you. Calre Francis of Moneysupermarket says: "It is vital that people start to take positive action before it all becomes too much to cope with."

I couldn't agree more. Frankly, voicing your money worries can be the first step towards solving them. Admitting to a friend or family member that you're in debt will normally get support, for instance.

Debt charities such as Step Change and Citizen's Advice can help, as well as charities like Mind.

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