Spotlight On: Gift To

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The deal

Registering with Gift To (at allows you to earn cash back every time you spend on plastic – and give half of it to a favourite charity.

The good points

It's free and simple to set up, and easy to earn cash for yourself and a charity of your choice. Once you have registered your credit and debit cards, every time you use them at certain shops and online retailers, you will earn cashback. Half of the money is sent to your chosen charity.

The bad points

The scheme has only just gone live nationally after a pilot stage and, as yet, the number of shops involved is small. Only eight high street chains are involved as well as about 3,000 online retailers.


if you like the idea of helping charities as you spend, this looks a good way to do so. Once signed up, it all happens automatically and you can check online how much cash you have recouped and handed to good causes. If more shops can be persuaded to sign up, then it could prove to be a major new way for charities to raise funds.

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