Spotlight on: Halifax's prize draw for savers

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The deal: Halifax is launching a monthly prize draw for savers in December with a total prize pot of £500,000.

The good points

It's a chance to win a decent amount of cash with three prizes of £100,000 handed out every month.

The bad points

You'll need to keep at least £5,000 in a Halifax savings account to qualify. You also need to register - customers won't be automatcially put in the draw.


With savings rates low at the moment, the chance to win a cash prize is a decent bonus. It's not as attractive as Premium Bonds which have a top prize of £1m and hand out 1.7m prizes each month. But if you have a savings account with the Halifax, you should certainly register for the draw. Should you switch accounts to qualify for the draw? No. You should always choose a savings account on the basis of interest rates, not gimmicks. Especially as the chance of winning a Halifax prize looks slim. If you want a gamble, buy a Lottery ticket instead.

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