Spotlight On: Investec Bank savings accounts


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The deal

The Investec High 5 Issue 2 Account and the Investec High 10 Account will pay the average of the top five and 10 best-buy accounts as chosen by Moneyfacts.

Good points

The rates are reviewed every Tuesday so they should always be competitive, although they will never lead the best-buy tables.

Bad points

You'll need a minimum of £25,000 to open an account. There are long notice periods: High 5 Issue 2 is a six-month notice account, while the High 10 Account needs three months' notice. Conclusion

This is a great idea. All most savers want is a place to leave their cash until they need it and not have to constantly change accounts to ensure a decent rate of interest. These accounts offer that, although it's a shame the minimum deposit is so high.

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