Spotlight On: Nationwide's fixed-rate ISAs

The deal

The Nationwide building society has increased rates on its fixed-rate tax-free ISAs to up to 4.4% over four years.

The good points

Rates start at 3.1%t over one year, 3.85% over three years, and 4.3% over four years. The building society's e-ISA rate has also increased- to 3.1% .

The bad points

For higher rates you'll need to lock away £50,000 in your ISA, or £25,000 over four years to get 4.4%. The e-ISA rate includes a 1.35% introductory bonus until July 2012.


There's a race among ISA suppliers to top the best-buy tables at the moment. New deals seem to be appearing daily, particularly in the fixed-rate market. Fixing your savings may look attractive in the current low-rate environment, but with rates set to rise soon, the returns could end up looking paltry. If you're considering fixing your savings, wait and see what the best deals are nearer this year's ISA deadline on 5 April.