Webchat: What every woman should be doing for a financially secure future

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Show date: Tuesday 31st May

Show time: 12:45

More than ever before, women are taking on more responsibility when it comes to money matters at home. New research shows that increasingly, more women are becoming the main breadwinner in their family and that the majority of them now look after the family’s budget; from getting the bills paid, to making the big financial decisions in the home.

However, while in 2011 the traditional tide of men being the main family earner and decision maker is turning it appears that women are failing to financially protect themselves. The research highlights the fact that millions of working women do not have a savings account, life insurance or income protection, leaving themselves and their families at risk.

So what should you be doing now to secure your own and your family’s financial future?

One woman who knows what it’s like to be financially in control of her household is the woman behind the MOBOs, Kanya King and she also knows how important it is for women to make sure they themselves are financially protected.

Log on to our Web TV show today where Kanya and Roger Edwards from Bright Grey will give you advice on how to make sure you are financially secure now and in the future.

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