Teenagers get pounds 5 a week pocket money and earn pounds 20, survey shows

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Teenagers' pocket money soared by a quarter last year to just over pounds 5 a week, with girls on average receiving 28 pence more than boys, writes Caroline Merrell.

Boys make up for the shortfall in pocket money by earning pounds 1.39 per week more than girls at pounds 20.73, according to a survey of 10 to 17-year-olds by Halifax Building Society.

A third of teenagers chose to add to their pocket money through part-time jobs. Boys were likely to do paper or milk rounds, whereas girls preferred work in shops or catering.

Some 71 per cent of those questioned wanted to own their own homes. Career ambitions were along traditional lines, with the most popular choices being teaching at 10 per cent and nursing and medicine at 9 per cent.

Boys were more oriented towards engineering and mechanics, while girls favoured teaching and nursing. Only 2 per cent wanted to be writers, artists or run their own businesses.

About 42 per cent claimed to save more money than they earned and 8 per cent said they saved all their money.

Going out and clothes accounted for most expenditure, although books and magazines were the biggest item among 10 to 12-year-olds.

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