The National Lottery creates over 200 millionaires

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The National Lottery has created over 200 millionaires since it started in November 1994, but Ernie has made 30 millionaires out of Premium Bondholders since the top prize was raised to pounds 1m in April 1994.

Our map shows the 30 millionaires are reasonably well-spread across the country although stockbroker Surrey has scooped four, three London boroughs have won and Essex is home to a further three. Add in Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Kent and Bucks, and almost half the prizes have gone to London and the Home Counties. County Antrim is the only other hotspot, although whether by luck or heavy investing is hard to say.

The luckiest millionaire won 18 months ago with a pounds 20 investment, while the three most patient waited 18 years, each investing pounds 500 to win.

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