Three tiers for Financial Assurance

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FINANCIAL Assurance is offering three-tiered rates on its guaranteed income bonds on pounds 5,000 minimum investments - until now it had only offered one rate.

On five-year bonds, Financial Assurance is offering 6.7 per cent on pounds 20,000 minimum investments and 6.67 per cent on pounds 5,000 minimum investments.

Cheltenham & Gloucester is also offering a 7.5 per cent return on minimum investments of pounds 10,000 on its London Deposit postal account. Withdrawals incur a seven-day loss of interest.

For smaller investments, Britannia Building Society is offering 7.05 per cent on its postal Capital Trust account.

----------------------------------------------------------------- SIX OF THE BEST ----------------------------------------------------------------- Savings Type Account Term *0% *25% *40% Min Pounds GIB Financial Assurance 5 years 6.75 6.75 5.74 50,000 B Soc Cheltenham & Gloucs Instant 8.00 6.00 4.80 25,000 Tessa National Counties 5 years 8.75 8.75 8.75 3,000 *Compounded annual rate except for GIB (guaranteed income bond) ----------------------------------------------------------------- Source: Chase De Vere 071-404 5766 -----------------------------------------------------------------

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