Woolwich changes fix offer

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WOOLWICH Building Society has increased its variable rate discounts. The five-year fix at 7.99 per cent has been withdrawn, and a four-year fix at the same rate substituted.

First Mortgage Securities has a three-year fix at 6.25 per cent, four years at 7.25 per cent and five years at 7.85 per cent. These are for repayment loans. Endowment loans cost an extra 0.25 per cent, and interest-only loans an extra 0.5 per cent. The redemption penalties are four months' interest on the three- year loan, five on four years and six months' interest on the five-year fix. Buildings and contents insurance must be arranged through FMS. Loans are for a maximum of 75 per cent of the value of the property. There is a non-refundable booking fee of pounds 275.

Bank of Ireland's fix at 3.75 per cent runs for just one year. Northern Rock has a fix that runs to January 1996 at 4.99 per cent.

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